Diagnosing fired heaters with IR Thermography has many advantages and it gives the furnace owner very high cost avoidance. Thermography can be used for optimizing safety and performance in refineries and petrochemical industry.

We can help the clients establish their own program, give continuous advice, and help maintain it over time.

Our services of Fired Heater Furnace Diagnosis:

  • Safety scan;  The first job we do for a client, when there is some suspicion.
  • Baselining, regular safety scans, and trending of suspected problems;  Systematic routine check-ups for maximum safety, reliability and efficiency.  This is the preferred approach.
  • Advanced furnace diagnosis, troubleshooting, crisis management;  High level work, also a frequent ”first job”, often caused by lack of baselining and trending.
  • Training, program setup, and program management


A common mistake is to think that thermography of fired heaters is just a more advanced way of measuring temperatures in the fire box. That can be done, of course, but it misses the greater purpose! The thermal image gives us a two-dimensional picture in real time, and that gives us a possibility to do very advanced diagnosis.

Certainly, as in any other diagnosis, temperature is the most important factor. But usually it can only tell you that something is wrong, not WHAT is wrong! Compare that with going to the hospital. The first thing that will happen is that the nurse will take your “vital signs”, of which temperature is one. Many other tests may be performed. Next, your doctor will diagnose the problem, using the test results together with other data and inputs. You would surely be disappointed if you were just given a list of the test results, without the expert diagnosis by your doctor.

Our unique philosophy in fired heater diagnosis is to do the complete expert analysis, not only measure temperatures.

From us, you don’t just get images and temperatures, you get a full diagnosis of the thermal status of the furnace. There are so many things we can discover that can have a direct impact on bottom line profitability in a big way.





Process equipment and piping / tubes can often be very complex and where unexpected things happen it may be difficult to determine what is flowing and where it is flowing. Using IR Camera, we can often get additional information that will tell us where the problem is.


There are two main issues with furnace tubes; SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. Safety is covered on the by showing what patterns are caused by scaling, coking, and flame impingement, for example. In short, a furnace with scale is inefficient, one with coke is inefficient and dangerous, and flame impingement causes coking to take place.


The tube develop coke internally, which will reduce the flow and the efficiency. Coke and scale occurred will also make temperature difference.