SMARTGATE provides courses to prepare for Certification of Competence accredited by Badan Nasional Sertifaki Profesi (BNSP)

In cooperation with the official Institute for Certification of Profession (LSP) of National Institute for Certification of Profession (BNSP), SMARTGATE provides a course to prepare candidates into taking professional certification accredited by BNSP.

BNSP is an independent institution responsible directly to the President. It serves as the authority over certification of personnel. BNSP’s duty is to conduct certification of professional competence for men power. The formation of BNSP is an integral part of the new paradigm shift in the preparation of highly qualified men power.

Away from the old paradigm, there are two basic principles in the format of the new paradigm on men power preparation system. One, demand-driven men power preparation, and secondly, competency based training (CBT) where education and training are used as the place to prepare men power. The development of new paradigm in men power preparation system started in the year 2000 marked by the signing of memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Men Power, Ministry of National Education, and the Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce.

Several BNSP’s Certification Program:

  • Fireman 1
  • Fireman 2
  • Fire Officer
  • Paramedic
  • Hazardous Chemical & Material Handling
  • SMK3 Auditor
  • Training of K3 Trainer
  • General K3 Expert – Novice
  • General K3 Expert – Intermediate
  • General K3 Expert – Advance